Saturday, December 27, 2008

Entry # 10


Sweet Serenity kit by Shabby Princess

Entry # 9


Paper & elements from 829digital basics

Entry # 8


Free Perfectly Lovely kit by Rhondogg @ DAC

Entry # 7


Paper & elements Freebies from Free Digital Scrapbooking

Entry # 6


Little Chika Kit by Philsboo of DAC
stable & post paper by Shabbyprincess

Entry # 5


Free Perfectly Lovely kit by Rhondogg @ DAC
frame ribbon by Melothria Minikit @ DAC

Entry # 4


Fall swirl freebie by Melothria of DAC
Buttons spring kit by Shabby Princess
Stapler from Minikit by Melothria of DAC

Entry # 2

Add ons by Melothria of Digital Arts Cafe
paper & frames i really forgot the source. DL last august pa eh.
font - from

Entry # 1

credits: Shabby Princess

Happy New Year 2009

paper background - vivayne (Glisten kit)
word art template by Danielle of

Monday, December 22, 2008

Online Holiday Greetings

paper - Darhena & DAC
elements - Palvinka Designs

Freebie Sites!

I saw two interesting freebie sites for digiscrapping stuff while EC dropping. Am going to feature it here now so that i can have easy access from home when i go home later. I found out my pc at home DLs better than here so i love downloading there. So check them out -

Memories Made Easy

Days later i plan of making up a FREEBIE SOURCE blogroll for easy access of me and also for some who wants to be interested in scrapbooking. I already have several favorite freebie depots and for sure i am going to include them in my list.

So wait for some days..and let me go back tallying EC drops and again i hope to post my LO entries for the kuro contest.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dec 24 2004

Background Paper - Darhena - CATW @ DAC
Border & tab element - Aliya - CATW My Favorite Holiday @ DAC
Green paper - Marie Stones #
Frame - Mangels Designs

The Prize

The prize the winner's received from the Kuro's Digiscrapping contest was a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP at Mangels Designs. My account was activated last night and right away i made a simple lay out out of the kits i downloaded. I was able to DL 3 kits and for a try i made this -

credits -
Diana Collections

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Contest is Over

The contest at Kuro is now over so it means i can now post here some of those lay outs. yey! The months is not yet over but the winners are announced already.

The dgscrapping contest santa is Kuya Manny. wow! I still did not receive my prize but i already got the winning notification. I emailed him my name and email address and now i am just waiting for the prize. yeheyy again. :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sparkling Card

QP - Christmas Sparkling Collections
Design by Darhena
Distributed @

Nameless Friend

credits: Shabby Princess

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How it Started

The first time i saw someone made a beautiful lay out was last year and i admire their works. Secretly i wished that somehow me too can make one. Many friends showed their work and the more layouts i saw the more i get interested. I did try one time but it did not turn out any good because the pc i was using has no PS nor CS2 or CS3. When i transferred office, the pc assigned to me got CS2 and i did not venture into learning it not until August this year. I asked questions from friends at PPF and tried to remember each step they told me --and this was my first lay out -

credits - shabby princess

Since that day when i can make one, i posted them at my Photoblog. You can check it out and click on digitalscrapping category.

Last month i joined a digitalscrapping contest at Kuro and they are lay outs that has not been posted in other sites yet. They can be posted to other sites only after the contest date. The contest will end 31st of this month and as of now i got 36 entries there. So i decided to make this blog to showcase each creation in here on January 2009.

Header 1


paper - Rachael H @
Christmas elements - Palvinka @